Cycling Routing Tool FAQ and Help


How to use

Waypoint Limit

Google limits the number of waypoints to 10. When you exceed this you will get a pop-up error saying it is unable to route the new route and that the MAX WAYPOINTS has been exceeded. Just convert a some waypoints to destinations.

Downloading your Route

You can download a saved route by right clicking on the download link. This will allow you to upload the route to a GPS unit for getting directions etc.

In Chrome browsers you do not have to right click you can just click it and it will save it in a gpx file with the name of the route

Uploading Routes from GPX files (experimental)

In browsers that support the feature you can uplaod a GPX file to create a route. You can either do it with the upload button or drag a GPX file onto the map. Way cool!!! I have only tested this with a few files geneated by Garmin Basemap and Garmin Roadtrip.

So far I have only found support for this feature in the Chrome web browser.


Road Cycling Only

This uses Google to route and they only know about roads. Although some of them are dirt.

What is new

Known Issues

To Do List


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